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Save Water with an Artificial Lawn

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

One of the biggest advantages to installing an artificial lawn is the water savings. In the desert Southwest, where extreme heat and drought are common, saving water is of utmost importance. Scientists have reported that reservoir levels are dropping as cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas continue to expand. Right now, much of Arizona is experiencing some level of drought. The Southwest drought has become so severe that even native plants like sagebrush are dying off.

Americans use a lot of water. On average 50 – 70% of all household water is used outdoors and most of that is used for maintaining landscaping and lawns. So each and every day, 7.8 billion gallons of water go toward outdoor uses. According to the United Nation’s World Water Development Report, over the next 20 years the quantity of water available to everyone will decrease by thirty percent. And experts predict even more trouble ahead thanks to the world’s growing population, increased contamination through pollution, and global warming.

Removing a real lawn and replacing it with an artificial lawn has a tremendous impact on water usage; reducing residential water use by up to seventy percent. In Arizona, synthetic lawns help us conserve our already dangerously low water reserves. An artificial lawn requires absolutely no water, nor does it need maintenance or chemicals of any kind. And remember, when you lower your water bill, you also save money.

If you’re interested in conserving water and saving money, a synthetic lawn is an excellent choice.

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Kyrene Schools “Go Green” with Artificial Grass

Friday, April 16th, 2010

These days it seems everyone is “going green” but a group of Arizona schools brought new meaning to the phrase when they installed artificial grass in their elementary school yards.

Why would Kyrene Schools decide to go with artificial grass? One of the biggest factors in the decision was the cost savings the schools would realize over time. Artificial turf is virtually maintenance-free so the schools no longer pay for workers to mow the grass or for the water and fertilizer needed to keep it healthy and alive. The schools also liked the idea of eliminating the ever-present bare spots in the lawn which contributed to messy school floors inside and an unkempt appearance outside. Artificial grass is always perfectly manicured, always clean and always beautifully green.

When looking for a company to install the artificial grass system, Kyrene Schools did their research and chose a company with an outstanding reputation for delivering superior results. That company was Arizona Luxury Lawns. Owner Chris Harlien worked closely with the schools to ensure everything was up to his exacting standards. Chris helped the schools choose the perfect type of artificial grass for their needs -the AZ Signature which is a strong 94 oz. product- and also recommended the Safe Fall System (SFS) which is a thick base padding that helps prevent injuries from a fall. This was especially important since the turf would be underneath playground equipment – an area where children could easily fall and hurt themselves. The schools are thrilled with the outcome and are very pleased they decided to “go green.”

It will take roughly 2 to 3 years for Kyrene Elementary Schools to breakeven on their investment but the turf will perform well for more than 15 years; making it a smart fiscal decision. If they choose to replace the turf when it wears out, it will cost much less than the initial install -roughly 65% of the original cost- because the base work underneath the grass will be just fine. That’s what happens when turf is installed correctly the first time.

Artificial grass makes great sense for a wide variety of establishments and installations thanks to its cost effectiveness, beauty and low maintenance. The artificial turf from Arizona Luxury Lawns takes the term “going green” to entirely new levels.